Lauren Totin Photography - Newborn Session 2016 - Avalynn

This session is from a few months back and all about this sweet newborn Avalynn! I have had been able to photograph this family 
through the years as they have grown baby by baby and I wouldn't have it any other way. :) Here is Avalynn's big sister's 1st birthday
 session is you want to check it out click here!
This little girl was the most chill newborn I have ever photographed, and boy is she adorable!



Lauren Totin Photography - 6 Month Session 2016 - Brooks

So, my first blog post of the new year is of Mr. Brooks' six month session! I might be posting this handsome little fella's session a little on the late side (life has been full lately!), but still, would you just look at this little love nugget! Brooks has two modes, pensive or silly, but during both he's just the happiest baby around. He has been such a fun baby to see grow through his first year and I can't wait to celebrate his first birthday soon!



Lauren Totin Photography - 2016 Senior Session - Ryan

I am proud to announce that this cool kid, who also happens to be my cousin, is a 2016 graduate! We've had 19 years of cousin time and I can't wait to see the awesome things this guy will do in the future! This fall he will be kicking some college butt at UNCG! 
ryan senior pictures


Lauren Totin Photography - Kid Session 2016 - Neely Family

Seriously guys, this family is a dream to spend time with! This is the second session I have spent with the Neely Family (the first was during a Christmas session) and I enjoyed this time twice as much as the first.
 These two munchkins are not just beautiful kids to sit in front of my camera, they are funny and oh so sweet! Baby girl here was hard to get a picture of only because she wanted to keep running over and hug me or to let me have her headband! How adorable can you get?! And little man is a ham and a half! He knows he's funny and loves getting laughs. His super cheesy grin in the picture below is evidence enough of that.
These guys sure did make this spring session an entertaining one!



Lauren Totin Photography - Maternity Session 2016 - Baby E

This beautiful mama is already rocking it as a mother of one, I know she will be twice as amazing with two! To see her care for her adorable daughter amazes me every time. The love of a mother is like no other (I rhyme all the time). I can't wait to know what it's like to have such an unconditional love. Sweet baby E doesn't know just how lucky he's going to be in this family!
Come on baby E, we can't wait to see your cute little face!



Triad Portrait Photographer - Family Session - The Beasleys

Here we have not just a beautiful family during a holiday session, but also my closest friends!
When you spend most of your time together laughing and cracking jokes, you know you've got something special going on. And I'm not just talking about us adults, these kids are down right hilarious! They've always got us wondering what they will do next. From costume changes every hour to their obsession with snapchat; I have to say that every day I spend with the Beasleys is more than just fun, it's an adventure. I had so much fun running around and laughing with these guys during their session and I can't wait for many more sessions to come!



Triad Portrait Photographer - Family Session - The Nguyens

This fun little family is always great in front of the camera! I can't believe Baby A is one already!!

Baby A